Welcome to The Rugby Guru

We provide technical support to coaches, players, teams and clubs to help improve, develop and further your rugby.

Video match analysis is a vital component of a successful rugby club, it allows coaches and players to identify areas they need to improve on in their game, weaknesses in opposition teams which can be targeted, and particular areas of strength in a team which can be exploited to ensure that you have a successful season

Send the rugby guru your game footage and we can review and analyse your game to your specified request or needs. At the rugby guru we understand the time consuming element of reviewing each match to gain technical knowledge about your team. Send the footage to us and we will provide you with a detailed summary of the match with some useful clipped footage for you to display at Tuesday training.

Using the rugby guru for technical support allows coaches, players, clubs and teams to focus on the important aspects of rugby and to train appropriately, allowing each team be able to play to the best of their ability.

Area of analysis and review include:

  • Territory and possession
  • Set piece overview (scrums and lineouts)
  • Penalties conceded, rewarded and penalty count
  • Line breaks
  • Try scorers
  • Defensive performance
  • Notable performances
  • Individual player analysis
  • Unit analysis
  • Phase play analysis broken down into each half
  • Footage to be presented in training sessions as required
  • Opposition analysis and strategy to handle that particular team

Use the Guru to obtain specific information regarding your teams performance. We will do the work for you off the field to ensure you are as prepared and successful on the field as possible!